Sony PS3 Sales Increase Over Rival Xbox 360

The Sony PS3 is set to sell 14 million units over the next 12 months, according to a report compiled by Strategy Analytics.

According to the analysts, this predicted increase in sales is due to Sony cutting the price of the games console to £250 earlier in the year.

The report suggests that the surge in sales will help to increase the PS3's market share, which has already seen a rise of 31 per cent since the first quarter 2010.

The PS3's predicted rise will come at the cost of Microsoft's Xbox 360, which is expected to sell 10.5 million units over the year.

In a statement, the principal analyst at Strategy Analytics,David Mercer said: “The main movement in Q1 2010 was the growing share for Sony's PS3, at the expense of Microsoft's Xbox 360.”

The report also noted that the Nintendo Wii is still the most popular console on the market, with 17.5 million sales predicted for this year.