UK iPads start arriving a day early

Eager punters who pre-ordered their iPads on the first day of availability could be getting a nice surprise in the post this morning.

Pocket Lint's news editor Rik Henderson says his iPad arrived at 9.28 this morning and that the UPS delivery guy told him that it was the very first one delivered.

Apparently, people who ordered their new toys on day one of the pre-order rush will get a delivery either today or tomorrow, while those who left it longer will have to wait until June 7th, which seems a bit cruel as the "Magical" device will be on sale all over the High Street from 8.30 tomorrow morning.

Henderson said, "How do I feel holding my brand new iPad? Well, apart from taking photos and giggling like a school kid with a mouth full of Space Dust, I've still got to charge it before use. The waiting continues. But it's much sweeter than before."

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