40 Per Cent of iPhones Used By Business, Says AT&T

The chief executive of AT&T's business solutions division, Ron Spears, has revealed that out of every 10 iPhones sold, four are going to enterprise users.

Cnet's All Things Digital reports that when the iPhone was launched in 2007, consumers and analysts categorised it as a smartphone for gadget lovers. People believed that the iPhone was unsuitable for business purposes.

Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft, once commented that iPhone is a very expensive gadget and is totally useless for enterprises, since it does not have a keyboard.

Addressing the Barclays Capital Communications, Media and Technology conference this week, Spears said that Apple has worked intensively to solve nearly 80 per cent of the privacy and security concerns that business users had with the iPhone.

Spears also said that the iPhone has brought a steady flow of revenue earnings along with tremendous changes in the work environment at AT&T as well.