Apple's iPad already setting world records

We were wondering why the word's tallest couple were hanging about in the iPad queue earlier today, dressed in full wedding garb, but now all has become clear.

The folks at the Guinness Book of Records cleverly realised that just about every tech news outlet in London would have a camera crew at the event, and used the opportunity to plug a new iPad App they've just released.

While they were there, the folks from Guinness thought they'd set the benchmark for a new world record, for typing the alphabet from A to Z on the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

Despite having queued for five hours by the time the store opened, Apple fan Joseph Grech stepped up to the tablet and set the fastest time, and a new global standard, at 6.61 seconds.

It might not sound very quick but we've been trying to beat it for the last ten minutes or so on a normal keyboard and we're having trouble getting below eight seconds. Though it is Friday and some of us are cursed with rather fat fingers.

Grech beamed happily holding his World Record Certificate and shiny new iPad, safe in the knowledge that his record would probably last less than a few hours before being beaten by a twelve-year old from China.