Dell Streak Tablet Available In The UK From June 4th

Dell's diminutive tablet/smartphone will go on sale in the UK as from the 4th of June, just days after Apple's iPad is released to the general public.

The tiny device packs some significant firepower and should become a best seller if it is sold at an affordable price.

Like most recent smartphones, it uses an ARMDroid platform based on a 1GHz Qualcomm processor and Google Android. Features include a 5-megapixel camera with Flash and autofocus, GPS, Bluetooth, 2GB ROM, WiFi, 3G connectivity, Flash compatibility and a front camera as well.

The 5-inch capacitive touchscreen can display 800x480 pixels, the same as the HTC Desire and slightly less than the X10. Most importantly, the device will be able to make calls so that it will be able to replace your phone.

Now, O2 will be the one selling the phone on the 4th of June but there is no details about the price of the Streak, whether it will be available on an iPad like data plan or, more plausible, if it will be offered under a smartphone monthly contract.

Either way, should O2 price it at around £30 with 600 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and WiFi, it will have a winner on its hands. Note that Dell is bundling Android v1.6 with the Streak combined with its own user interface, with Froyo available fairly soon.