International Broadband Rankings Put UK in 33rd Place

Broadband metrics group Ookla has ranked the United Kingdom 33rd in the world for broadband speed in its annual Net Index.

The rankings were compiled from the results of 1.5 billion surfers who had used Ookla's connection-testing utilities.

According to the data, South Korea has the fastest broadband in the world, followed by Latvia, Moldova, Japan and Sweden.

The UK, with an average speed of 7.73Mbps, is nearly five times slower than South Korea, and only 0.04Mbps faster than world's average of 7.69Mbps.

The United States is also comparatively slow, with an average broadband speed of 10.16 Mbps, placing it 26th.

Of all the 154 countries tested, Zambia is the slowest, with an average speed of just 254kbps, nearly 100 times slower than South Korea.

The index also names the towns and cities within each country that enjoy the highest average broadband speed.

Far from being restricted to the big cities, the list of top UK locations for broadband includes Worthing, Clitheroe and Troon.