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Logitech Performance MX Wireless Laser Mouse Review : A Raw Diamond

Early last year, the laser sensor had became an industry standard with it being used on 97% of mice. Now while much better that inferred and ball mice, the average mouse is often limited to what surface it can be used on.

Frequently leading to mouse mats being used because glossy and transparent surfaces can interfere with the tracking. This is where Dark Field comes into play, and claims it can be used on every surface.

Now, we honestly say that we haven’t tested every surface out there, but we are very confident in saying that the Performance MX sensor will work with anything you throw with it. If you have always wanted to work without a mouse mat or keep your desktop clutter free on a glass desk, Logitech’s Darkfield sensor can make that a reality.

To connect the Performance MX, Logitech has incorporated it with its new Unifying receiver. The receiver itself is just like a tiny USB pen, sticking out at less than a centimetre.

This is great for frequent travellers as you can leave the receiver plugged in at all times. Being a Unifying product, it can work together with six other Logitech devices from this single Bluetooth dongle.

There's some bad news for you left handed people as this mouse uses a right hand only ergonomic design. Yet if you’re a righty everything is within fingers reach; it has four buttons on the side where your thumb usually sits.

These are used for navigating through web pages. As well as two other buttons intended for zooming. Nonetheless if you feel you wont use these functions, Logitech allows you to customize these.

From a personal point of view I did have a problem with the placement of two buttons. The buttons intended for webpage motivation were placed too far forward, which often lead to me having to reposition the mouse just so I could use them.

And I have very large hands. That kind of defeats the object of this mouse doesn’t it?

The Performance MX has an awesome scroll wheel that allows you to switch between ordinary scrolling and freewheel scrolling. Freewheel scrolling allows you to scroll through long documents very fast, and provides you with a momentum as if scrolling with the Apple Magic Mouse.

The MX has an advantage in the way it is recharged. Nothing brain trumping, but rather than recharging mouse at a dock like in the past, Logitech simply added a mini USB port onto the front of the mouse.

So you can connect it to the computer or provided charging plug and you can bring the juice levels up with no downtime. Now this method will have make you remember the USB cable, nonetheless it’s a far cry better than the previous charging method.

Seeing that the Logitech is a step up from many mice out on the market today, finding out if the £55 price tag is worth it (from Amazon (opens in new tab)).

Considering the market this mouse is aimed at as well as the features it provides, I indefinitely feel that the price may seem high, yet you well and truly get your moneys worth. This is where I say; you get what you pay for.

To sum up the Performance MX is undoubtedly a fantastic mouse, yet is there a need for you to upgrade to this version. If you’re after a wide array of customization, great tracking and more importantly an ergonomic mouse, I do feel that you will not regret the purchase.