Microsoft Denies Attendance at Forthcoming Apple WWDC

Microsoft has dismissed reports of its CEO attending Apple's World Wide Developer Conference with a tweet on its official Twitter account.

The rumour began the day after Apple surpassed Microsoft to become the world's leading tech company.

Trip Chowdrey, an analyst with Global Equities Reasearch, had announced that Microsoft's representative was expected to be either the company's CEO Steve Ballmer, or the head of its server and tools division, Bob Muglia.

Although the value of Microsoft's shares has fallen more than half since founder Bill Gates's retired and Ballmer took over, the company is still ahead of Apple in terms of profit and revenue.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, the Microsoft CEO said: "I will make more profits and certainly there is no technology company in the planet which is as profitable as we are. Stock markets will take care of the rest."