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Netbook Version Of Meego Available

Meego, the mobile Linux Operating system introduced by Intel and Nokia, has officially been launched with a netbook version ready to go.

Version 1.0 of the MeeGo Core Software platform (CSP) and the Netbook User Experience will offer the first true taste of a platform that has been created after Intel's Moblin merged with Nokia's Maemo platform back in February at the MWC.

Since MeeGo is based on Linux (and is open sourced), it should be compatible with most of the hardware on the market. Interestingly, this first version comes with Google Chrome as the default internet browser rather than Firefox.

The MeeGo v1.0 CSP is based on the Linux Kernel v2.6.33, Udev, DeviceKit, a Bluetooth stack, and the Btrfs file system, all nicely wrapped by the Qt4.6.2 GUI application library.

Although Nokia has already announced that there will be no support for the N900, an image of the CSP has been made available for the tablet-cum-smartphone device.

Meego, which can be downloaded here as an ISO file, will be competing with the likes of Google Chrome OS, Windows 7 Starter Edition, Ubuntu as well as other lesser known Linux distributions.

Ultimately Meego will migrate to the smartphone market where it will compete with the iPhone OS and Android as well as Nokia's own Symbian OS.