Nokia Offering Free "Ovi Maps" Taxi Trips

Handset manufacturer Nokia is giving away free taxi trips across to customers in four cities across London until the 2nd of June.

Users in London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester will be able to hail and ride the taxis for free if they can manage to track down the black cabs.

Each of them comes with a free Nokia X6 handset which the passengers can test while on their way to their destination.

As expected, the cab drivers will only accept local trips rather than a "round Britain" one and Nokia is using this rather innovative marketing strategy to create buzz around the fact that Ovi Maps is now free.

Nokia brand manager, Chris Jones said in a statement that "The OVI Maps cabs will help get people from A to B, but allows them to record their own sat-nav voice packs so they can be calling the shots to the cabbie. So, if you would like to hear your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, son’s or grandma’s voice on your sat-nav then Own Voice for OVI Maps is just for you".

Nokia is also giving out five X6 smartphones everyday on Twitter to those who use the hashtag #NokiaFreeSatNav.