UK iPad launch in pictures

The Apple iPad was officially launched in the UK today at the company's shop in Regent Street.

It had everything you'd expect from an Apple launch: long lines of punters, grumpy-looking stewards, and an inevitable appearance of Apple celebrity endorsee Stephen Fry.

THINQ went down to check out what all the fuss was about... (click on a pic to enlarge it)

The Apple Store's first customer Jake Lee, 17, talks to the press as he nears the end of his 20-hour wait for an iPad.

The world's tallest couple, drafted in by Apple's PR circus to liven up proceedings.

Apple's army of blue-shirted minions get ready to welcome the first customers.

Jake's wait is almost at an end, but Ian (centre) is revving himself up for a quick getaway. He emerged clutching his iPad first.

The press pack scrambles for a look as the doors of the Apple Store open at eight o'clock.

Celebrity Apple aficionado puts in an appearance.

Emma Fletcher, founder of Internet start-up MyLifeStylePA offered her services to queue overnight for some wealthy bugger who couldn't be bothered. And drew a large amount of attention to her company's URL in the process.

Far from the madding crowd, the THINQ team nip into PC World to get their iPad... without the wait.

And here it is at last: safely home at THINQ HQ, and about to be put through its paces.