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YouTube Launches Live Discussion with Google Moderator

YouTube has launched Google Moderator for YouTube channels.

Google Moderator is set to allow users to take part in live discussions and conversations while watching videos on the site.

The Google-owned video sharing site wrote on its YouTube blog (opens in new tab) that Google Moderator is a "versatile" social platform that will let users come together and share ideas in real-time.

Previously users could only hold discussions using the traditional comments system on the website.

Google had earlier run some tests with Google Moderator during live interviews with US President Obama and Canadian President Stephen Harper on YouTube.

The company explained: “The platform operates in real-time, and you can remove any content that you or your audience flag as inappropriate. You can also embed the platform on your own website or blog.”

In order to give users a demonstration of how the new feature works, YouTube has invited 12 users including Internet celebrity Michael Buckley, the New York Times and Stanford University cardiologist Dr. Euan Ashley to a show-and-tell session for YouTube users.