Foxconn's clever idea to stop suicide jumps

One detail we somehow missed from our story yesterday about how Foxconn is prepared to increase wages at its factories by 20 per cent, in a bid to address the high rate of suicide attempts among its workers was a stunning statement by factory boss Terry Guo.

In addition to hiring psychologists and monks to help cheer up the workforce, Gou thinks safety nets could be one way of saving workers leaping from the windows of his establishments.

So he intends to install some 1.5 million square meters of netting around the workplace and the associated dormitories and has allocated a workforce of some 300 souls to carry out the task.

"Although this seems like a 'dumb' measure, at least it could save lives," Guo apparently said, within earshot of journalists and dignitaries being given a rare glimpse inside one of the factories in which hundreds of thousands of workers beaver away night and day to make plastic-wrapped electronic gizmos for consumption in the wealthy West.

Guo dubbed the net aixinwang, which apparently translates as "the net of a loving heart" .

We're not making this up.