iPad knock-off named iPed tips up in China

An iPad knock-off named the iPed has tipped up in China's heavily-industrialised Shenzhen district.

China is where most of the technology that ends up in our homes is made, much of it being the output of factories that would be shut down as sweat shops in the West.

Knock-offs therefore regularly appear in China, much to the annoyance of the likes of Apple, which is able to charge a hefty premium just to have its half-bitten logo on the box.

The iPed tablet runs Google's Android OS and is said to be powered by an Intel chip, which we assume to be some sort of Atom. Funnily enough, it looks quite a bit like Apple's "magical" device.

One difference is that the iPed costs costs around $105 (£72). The cheapest iPad costs £429.

The device apparently has 16GB of storage space, and runs on rather measly 128MB of RAM.

Below is a Japanese news report featuring the iPed and another knock-off in the form of the snappily named aPad.