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Nvidia gets set to show off GeForce GTX 465

Nvidia will today announce its latest card based on the Fermi architecture, the GeForce GTX 465.

The graphics chippery features 352 stream processors, 44 texture units, and runs at a 607MHz core clock speed, with a 1,215 MHz shader clock and 802 MHz (2,206 MHz QDR) memory clock.

The card will have 1 GB GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit interface.

NewEgg has EVGA's implementation of the card on sale here (opens in new tab)at the US dollar price of $280.

Bit-Tech spotted the NewEgg listing which also lists the specs. The specs were also outed earlier on Hardware Secrets, which, as Charlie notes, has fallen foul of the big green excrement cannon (opens in new tab).

Hardware Secrets says (opens in new tab) it has been blacklisted by Nvidia "After we published a review – without any support from them."

The blog post details an email conversation the reviewers had with Nivida in which the company objected to the lack of CUDA coverage in the review, amongst other things.

"After this e-mail exchange they simply put us in their black list and thus we stopped being invited to their latest product presentations, we were dropped from the list of websites that get products before the release date and we stop getting any kind of support from them. Any e-mail I sent to NVIDIA asking for anything is completely ignored," writes Gabriel Torres.

And the site's not the only one to come within the range of the big green cannon. Extremetech posted an article under the heading Nvidia Releases GeForce GTX 465 (opens in new tab). That seems to have suffered a direct hit.

Over on Twitter, Ryan Shrout of PC perspective writes (opens in new tab) "For those asking, I know the GTX 465s are for sale already but for some reason NVIDIA continues to force me to hold our review. Soon!"

Hmm, what can be going on? Charlie may have the answer to that question, here (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.