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4 Reasons To Love The Dell Streak

The Dell Streak, which some might view as a diminutive tablet or a supersized smartphone, will go on sale across UK from this Friday at Carphone Warehouse on O2.

We played with it briefly last Friday at an informal event and we enjoyed playing with it, so much so that we came up with a list of reasons why you will fall in love with it, ultimately.

The format

Dell has managed to come up with a device that brings the best of both worlds. Although its screen is half the diagonal size of the iPad, it is four times smaller than the latter. Its screen is by far the biggest of any smartphones on the market and yet, Dell has managed to keep it thinner than my old ZTE F102.

The performance

We had the Streak in our hands for a few minutes and thoroughly enjoyed it. The 1GHZ Qualcomm processor combined with the Android OS 1.6 is a good match and we haven't encountered any slowdown during our brief preview. Dell has possibly managed to tweak a few things to make it zip faster and the impending release of Froyo should improve its overall speed noticeably.

The price

For the first time ever, a smartphone (or indeed a tablet) will be available with either a mobile broadband plan or a voice + unlimited data plan. Pay either £25 or £35 per month on each (although wer'e awaiting more details). Obviously, the benefits are immense; Apple users will need to carry an iPhone and an iPad to get the benefits associated with the Streak and at £429, it is still more polyvalent than either of its competitors.

The accessory

An O2 source told us that there will be a docking station for the Streak, one which will connect via a proprietary connector and give it not only a few expansion ports (USB) but also allow the streak to display content on a TV set via a HDMI port.