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Anti-Facebook Group Claims 30,000 Have Quit

Anti-Facebook campaigners have claimed that more than 30,000 people quit the social networking platform as the part of the 31 May 'Quit Facebook Day'.

More than 27,000 people signed up to the site, which was started by two Canadian Facebook users who were disappointed with changes made to the site's privacy settings in April.

Representatives of the group claim that in total, 32,749 people have left the world of Facebook, representing 0.008 per cent of total Facebook members across the world.

Recently, the social networking giant has been under immense pressure from government and privacy protection agencies for its privacy settings and its perceived lack of effort to simplify them.

The backlash had forced Facebook to last week admit its mistake and begin work on improving the privacy settings sections that took into account user feedback.

Many members are still reportedly unhappy with the recent changes, claiming that the company's underlying attitude towards the issue has not changed at all.