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Apple and Amazon Slug It Out Over E-Books

iPad maker Apple and rival Amazon are now going head-to-head in a bid to dominate the e-book market.

According to publishers at the annual BookExpo in America last week, the electronic books market is still in its infancy. In their opinion, such fierce competition between the two is foolish.

Both Apple and Amazon want to control market, and are currently struggling with each other to become the biggest virtual e-bookstore worldwide.

The rivalry has attracted negative remarks from several industry experts.

Michael Serbinis, the CEO of Kobo, calls it nothing but a distraction from upcoming developments, stressing the need of a universal platform for consumers.

Penguin Group USA's David Shanks expressed his support for consumer freedom.

The publishers agree that the e-book is a revolutionary concept which has caused much upheaval in the literary markets, and are hopeful that companies will come together to establish a standard format that will reach out to as many readers as possible.

They also believe a common digital rights management system would prevent e-book piracy.