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Apple to Offer Profit Share for Foxconn Workers

Apple is to offer financial incentives to Foxconn factory workers following the suicides of 10 employees.

Foxconn came under scrutiny from global human rights groups following a number of unexplained suicides at the company's factory in Shenzhen, China.

Foxconn is one of the biggest providers of outsourced manufacturing and product packaging services and has a number of big-name clients, including Apple.

Afraid of a PR disaster, Apple had launched an investigation into the suicides.

The investigation found out that the primary reason behind suicides is low wages, high pressure and long working hours.

According to a Chinese news website, Apple may provide subsidies to the workers working on its products.

This will involve the workers getting 1-2 per cent of the profit made by Apple on its products.

Apple is one of the very few companies with such profit margins that they can afford to provide such incentives and the move would be good for its image, making it the first Fair Trade tech company in the world.