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Apple Opens US iBookstore Doors To Self-Published Authors

Following the launch of its iBookstore in UK on Friday, Apple has announced the release of "self-publishing" services for the US version of the online bookstore.

Tech news site Ars Technica has reported that the new service is aimed at aspiring writers who find it difficult to get their works published with existing publishing houses.

Apple's iBookstore has come up with a very tempting option for the authors, who can now bypass publishers to self-publish their efforts without spending a fortune doing so.

The most basic requirement to use this application is a Mac OS X 10.5. Users need a Mac to encode the book.

The prerequisites for a writer to get their work up in Apple's virtual bookstore are: an ISBN number, an iTunes account, a US tax ID and the book in the ePUB format.

Despite pricing concerns, several big publishers in UK have welcomed the launch of iBookstore.

Upcoming UK authors will have to wait until Apple releases the service to self-publish their titles.