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Apple Sells Two Million iPads Since Launch

Since its launch in the US, Apple has sold two million units of its iPad tablet.

The figures released by Apple come three days after the device was launched in the UK, Germany, Japan and six other international markets.

The iPad sales figures are significantly higher than the 1.5 million units predicted by analysts for the quarter ending in June, the Financial Times has reported (opens in new tab).

Apple, which recently launched the iBookstore in the UK, also said that the iPad's success exceeds that of any of the Mac and desktop products recently launched.

To put the sales figures in perspective, the iPad reached sales of two million units in just two months, whereas the first version of the iPhone sold only a million units in the same time frame.

The iPad is yet to match the sales of the iPhone 3G, which sold three million units in its first month.

Wall Street pundits showed their confidence in Apple, predicting the company would match their expectations and sell 10 million iPads in this year alone.

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