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"Cloud Computing... Is That Like The Borg?"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has claimed that despite giving a half-hour speech on the prospects of cloud computing at a conference, he still wasn't able to get the message through.

Speaking to 100 CEOs at the company's headquarters in Seattle, the Microsoft boss explained the importance of cloud computing in terms of enterprise usage, attempting to make them see the vision he and his company had for the market.

Following the speech, Ballmer said: “a lady in the front raises her hand and says, I don't mean to be slow, but I still don't know what cloud computing is. Is it kind of like the Borg or something...?”

He expressed his amusement over the comment made by the CEO and added that more had to be done in order to make cloud computing accepted as a standard.

The CEOs attending the conference included the Queen of Jordan, Rania Al Abdullah, CEO Jeff Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Walmart Chairman Rob Walton.