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Corsair unveils new LED memory monitor

If you thought that last decade's willy-waving fad of packing PCs with a Star Trek sets' worth of flickering lights had died out, then think again, as Corsair has just revealed its latest LED memory display at Computex.

But the memory maker says that its AirFlow Pro module is more than just a gadget to show off to your mates. "It’s not just a meaningless light show," said Corsair's application specialist Jessie Lawrence on the Corsair blog (opens in new tab) yesterday, "it’s information you can use."

Corsair is no stranger to LED memory monitors. In 2003, the company's XMS Pro modules sported a line of LEDs to monitor memory activity. Looking like the recording level meters from a 1990s cassette deck, the modules went from green to amber to red depending on the memory's workload.

This time, however, the AirFlow Pro has taken LED monitoring a step further. As well as displaying the memory activity in a similar way to the old XMS Pro modules, the AirFlow Pro also has a temperature monitor system. The six LEDs in the middle of the unit change colour according to the temperature.

Designed as a plug-in extension for Corsair's AirFlow cooling system, the AirFlow Pro is designed to sit on top of many of Corsair's memory modules, so how does it get its information from the memory?

This is an interesting innovation from Corsair, as the AirFLow Pro plugs into a five-pin connector found on the company's DHX Pro modules. Corsair says that "the parametric data is collected by a microcontroller-based receiver circuit," where it's then "processed for logging or display."

Corsair says that installing the AirFlow Pro module should also be a doddle. Jessie Lawrence explained that "there’s just a couple screws to tighten and a single cable that plugs into each memory module."

The full list of compatible modules can be seen in the table (opens in new tab), below but Lawrence says that as a general rule you'll be fine if your memory's part number starts with "CMT" or "CMP".

Corsair's vice president of technical marketing, John Beekley, described the AirFlow Pro as a "must-have for any system with a windowed case." There's no word on pricing yet, but Corsair says that the AirFlow Pro will be available later this summer, and will come with a two-year warranty.

In the meantime, you can check out a video of the AirFlow Pro in action here (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.