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Dell Streak Smart Tablet Pricing Unveiled

Carphone Warehouse has spilled the beans on the forthcoming Streak tablet computer/smartphone which will be released on the 4th of June on O2 exclusively.

The mobile retailer said that the device will be available either on a mobile only contract for £25 per month or with a £35 per month on a voice & unlimited data contract.

Carphone Warehouse did not say whether the unlimited data will be truly unlimited or carry some sort of hard limit.

Also, we expect the £35 per month contract to come with 600 minutes and unlimited texts, which is the same bundle as the now-obsolete iPhone 3G.

Customers will also be able to pick up the standalone device for £429 - the price you'd pay for the new iPad 16GB Wi-Fi.

We had a look at the Streak last week, and, to be honest, while it seems a tad too bulky, it has a genuine chance of challenging both the iPad and the iPhone.

The fact that you should be able to use it as an Adhoc access point makes it an absolute winner and the most flexible tablet currently on the market.

We've also been told that there will be a docking station which will allow you to connect the Streak to you telly via HDMI. We were warned, though, that the accessory wouldn't be cheap. You can find more about the Streak here.