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Eircom and Irish Music Industry Join Forces Over Piracy

The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) and Irish Internet service provider, Eircom, have come to an agreement which will see them combine their efforts at hunting down illegal file sharers of IRMA's copyrighted songs.

Despite previously disagreeing over this issue, the IRMA and Eircom have settled their dispute out of court.

According to a new plan of action agreed by the pair, IRMA will provide to Eircom the IP addresses of web users who commit copyright infringement. IRMA has enlisted the help of anti-piracy company DtecNet to obtain the IP addresses.

As part of the new agreement, Eircom has pledged to issue violators with a series of three warnings, asking them to stop their activities. Failure to heed these warnings could result in a temporary broadband disconnection.

IRMA has already issued legal notices to other Internet service providers, including O2 and 3 Ireland, asking them to track down subscribers who regularly download and share copyrighted files over their networks.