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Facebook is the Biggest Site on the Web, Google Figures Show

Facebook is the most visited website on the internet, according to recent web traffic data released by Google.

The site got a whopping 540 billion page views durign April - significantly higher than the 70 billion page views clocked by Yahoo. The list was compiled using data from Google AdPlanner service, and excludes certain categories of site such as adult content - as well as the Google search engine itself.

The list of top sites was created by Google in order to provide advsertisers with more information when using Google's DoubleClick advertising service. The company explained on the official DoubleClick Advertiser Blog: "Our goal with the Top 1,000 Sites and other recent updates is to deliver new tools for greater planning efficiency and data to make more informed advertising decisions."

Microsoft was a clear winner for web traffic, with three of its sites,, and, in the top six. Google's Blogspot was back in seventh place. Yahoo had a strong showing, featured in the top four in most categories.