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First 3D games for PlayStation 3 outed

Sony has announced the first three games to get the 3D treatment but they are all updates to existing titles.

Wipeout HD and Super Stradust HD will both get free upgrades, but Pain will cost ¥300 (£2.28) to add the extra dimension.

Many users will be disappointed that there is no new game to show off the console's 3D capabilities, but new titles are expected to be added soon.

The console's firmware has already been updated to cope with the new content as of April's 3.30 release, and the launch is expected to coincide with the arrival of the company's own rash of 3D-capable TVs.

All PS3 3D content will require powered, shuttered glasses as opposed to the familiar polarising kind you get in the cinema.

Further details of a worldwide release of 3D games are due to be announced at E3 later this month and support for 3D Blu-ray movies is expected towards the end of the year.