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FitFinder Creator Fined For Bringing College Into Disrepute

The London student who started flirting website FitFinder has been fined £300, after university officials felt his website tarnished the reputation of the establishment.

Rich Martell, a student at University College London, created FitFinder to allow university students to flirt with each other online.

Having started at UCL, the site became popular among students at other universities, gaining four million visitors in its first month.

UCL officials took action against the final-year computer science student following complaints from other universities, claiming that the website distracted students from studying.

In a letter to Martell, Ruth Siddall, the Dean of Welfare (Students) at UCL charged him under the Disciplinary Code of Bringing the College into Disrepute, and punished him with a £300 fine.

In a statement to The Times, a spokesperson for the university said: “UCL does not approve of or condone this site. We therefore advised the student to take the site down, but he declined to do this. UCL has no jurisdiction over the site, as it is not UCL-hosted.”