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Globalfoundries Announces Aggressive Expansion Plan

Chip maker Globalfoundries is to upgrade its manufacturing plants in New York and Germany in a bid to boost production output.

Globalfoundries, co-owned by AMD and Advanced Technology Investment Co., intends to produce 80,000 wafer chips a month at its German factory by 2013. Currently production stands at 60,000 chips per month.

The company also plans to increase chip production to 60,000 chips per month at its New York facility.

Chia Song Hwee, Globalfoundries' chief operating officer, said: "With this aggressive capacity build out plan we are well positioned to provide new and existing customers with the fastest option to get advanced products to market in the volumes they need..."

The company plans to add 90,000 square feet to its New York facility in Saratoga county, bringing it to a total of 300,000 square feet. The company's plant in Dresden will also be expanded.

This $3 billion expansion plan aims to put Globalfoundries in a better position to compete with its closest rival, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.