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Google gives Windows the elbow

Google is to stop using Windows because, it says, of concerns over security, according to reports.

The ever-expanding virtual search engine monopoly has dropped the ubiquitous operating system as a result of a number of well-publicised attacks on the company's servers which emanated from China.

The Financial Times says that the company is phasing out use of Windows and that all new users are given the choice of Mac hardware running OSX or PCs running an un-named distro of the open source Linux OS.

Windows is well known for being susceptible to malicious attack, mainly because of its popularity. OSX and Linux, on the other hand, have a large measure of security through obscurity. Google is seeking to exploit this, as it bids to become the Microsoft of the 21st century.

Google's die-hard Windows fans can still use the OS but any new installations have to be approved at a senior level.

Given the choice, most new employees are apparently plumping for Apple's offering.

The eventual aim is for all of Google's 20,000 international employees to move over to the company's own Chrome OS, but it doesn't work properly yet.