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IDC Hits Back At Misuse of Market Data By Microsoft

Microsoft has been accused of misrepresenting data from analysts IDC at its ReMIX conference.

A slide shown at the conference showed figures suggesting IDC predicted sales of its upcoming Windows Phone 7 device would reach 30 million by 2011.

IDC has since suggested that the information on the slide does not from their data.

Instead, Will Stofega, wireless industry analyst at IDC said (opens in new tab): “We don’t know who used it and where it came from. It’s kind of disturbing. We're really pissed. No one ever called to see if this was a mistake that someone made."

IDC says that its calculations refer to shipments of devices that use a particular operating system, and don't refer specifically to any single device, such as the Window Mobile 7.

An IDC report did forecast smartphone shipments for the year of 2011, predicting sales of 42 million for Google Android smartphones, with Apple iPhone shipments at 36 million.

The prediction for Microsoft smartphone sales included both Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7, which combined, the IDC predicts, will sell around 32 million units by 2011.