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Computex 2010 : Intel Previews Next Generation Of Atom CPUs

Intel has announced, at Computex 2010, a new range of Atom processors codenamed Oak Trail that could bring on a new generation of laptops which will make the Mac Book Air look positively obese.

The new range of laptops and tablets, known as "Oak Trail", will come to market in early 2011 and be the based on the Moorestown architecture which was only launched back at the beginning of last month and is specifically targeted smartphones.

It will not only sport a thermal design power that's 40 per cent lower, 40 per cent smaller and 35 per cent thinner than the current generation but it will also support Google Chrome OS, Meego, Android as well as Windows 7 (Embedded Compact we suppose rather than the bloated edition)

Oak Trail Devices built around the Lincroft" System-on-Chip will support HDMI, full 1080p content as well as promises of much longer battery life.

Intel also demoed a new form factor, Canoe Lake, which comes with a dual-core processor and at 14mm, is thinner than the Mac Book air (which is up to 19.4mm thick).

Another device that will almost certainly be ported to Oak Trail at some point in the future is the just-announced Google TV which currently uses the rather long-in-the-tooth Atom CE4100 platform.

Désiré Athow

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