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Lenovo Smartbooks Ditch Linux For Android

Lenovo has decided to install Google's Android operating system in its upcoming U1 Hybrid and Skylight smartbooks.

The company hopes that by installing the Android OS instead of the Linux OS will increase the performance and usability of its devices.

The two smartbooks were showcased by Lenovo during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. At the time the company said the devices would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and would run Linux.

Lenovo is banking upon the popularity of the Android OS and the growing Android Market for the success of its smartbooks.

When they reviewed the devices during CES, experts criticised them for lacked performance, in spite of having a decent user interface. Lenovo believes the shift from Linux to Android will fix this.

In a statement to Laptop Mag, Lenovo said: “As a result of Lenovo’s strategic shift towards open standards such as an Android kernel-based environment, the company has shelved its plans to release the initial version of the Skylight smartbook that featured a proprietary Linux-based OS.”