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Computex 2010 : Meet The Asus Eee Pad, The Latest iPad Wannabe

Taiwanese PC manufacturer, Asustek, has showcased its latest tablet device, the Eee Pad, a diminutive PC that runs Windows 7 and will be pitched against Apple's popular iPad which has already sold more than two million units in 60 days.

In a move that surprised many, Asus has decided to use an Intel CULV Core 2 Duo processor rather than a low power dual core Atom Pinetrail to power the tablet.

A 10-inch model, the EP101TC and a 12-inch one, the EP121, will be available with both offering 10 hours worth of battery life. The former weighs only 675g and is a mere 12.1mm and will run on a different version of Windows 7, Embedded Compact edition.

Like the iPad, the Eee Pad will offer both a virtual keyboard and a special docking station with a keyboard for faster text input. The device will come with WiFi and a stylus plus a front-facing camera and support for Flash.

We also noticed that it comes with a HDMI, USB, memory card reader and what appears to be a 3G SIM module.

The Eee Pad will apparently be launched next year for around £275, which is roughly £150 less than an entry level iPad. As for why it will be released next year rather than now, well, Engadget writes that the devices appear to be significantly buggy.

Désiré Athow

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