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Microsoft and Novell Ramp Up HPC Support for Business

Software vendors Microsoft and Novell have released better interoperability options and enterprise solutions for business users of their High-Performance Computing services.

A statement released (opens in new tab) by the companies suggests there is a strong demand for more sophisticated solutions in the HPC market.

Because of this the two companies have decided to release several software packages to ensure smooth and efficient operational execution.

The companies say their HPC services currently cater to organisations that require data processing on a large scale.

The pair have clients in almost every prominent industry, including healthcare, software and educational industries. Prominent client s include the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Deutsche Bank AG, Honeywell International and Japan Petroleum.

Ted MacLean, general manager for Strategic Partnerships and Licensing at Microsoft said: “Companies around the world are realizing the benefits of our joint interoperable cross-platform technical solutions. The fact that we're able to address a real need in the HPC market is evidenced by the number of licenses we've issued.”