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Microsoft CTO Defends The PC

Microsoft's chief technical officer Ray Ozzie has claimed that personal computers are still a vital part of the technology market, despite the emergence of alternatives such as smartphones and tablet devices.

In an interview with the LA Times, Ozzie emphasised that PCs formed a significant part of the market and should not be ignored in favour of alternative devices.

Ozzie, who was hired by former Microsoft chief Bill Gates five years ago, is the developer behind the successful Lotus Notes software.

He said: “PCs are becoming less expensive and easier to use. Whereas once people might have bought a PC for one room in the household, we have families buying a four-pack of netbooks to share with their kids.”

When Ozzie joined Microsoft he issued a company-wide memo, warning that Microsoft had to focus its resources on the internet by developing Net-based products.

Microsoft, once the market leader, is currently struggling to cope against competition from arch-rivals Apple and Google in this market.