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News@10: BBC One HD Expected in Autumn & 4 Reasons to Buy Wi-Fi iPad

Ofcom has revealed today that internet service providers across the UK are being required to maintain a detailed list of users who frequently pirate copyrighted content.

The BBC has announced it will release a High Definition version of its BBC One channel this autumn, available on Freesat HD, Freeview HD, Sky HD and Virgin Media.

We compile four reasons why consumers should buy the Wi-Fi version of Apple's iPad rather than the 3G version after comparing the two versions of the device ourselves.

A survey carried out by the share trading division of an Australian bank found that the iPad is most expensive to buy in the UK and other European countries.

VoIP provider Skype has released a new version, v2.0, of its client for the iPhone OS platform meaning that people can now make calls over 3G rather than just Wi-Fi.