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News@5: Dell Streak Prices Revealed & Apple Offers Financial Incentive To Foxconn Employees

A Los Angeles resident has filed a lawsuit against Google for issuing directions that led to have an accident. Lauren Rosenberg followed directions on Google Maps telling her to walk down a state route without pedestrian paths.

Carphone Warehouse have revealed the prices for the forthcoming Dell Streak tablet/smarthphone, saying the device will be available for between £25 per month to £35 per month.

Microsoft has been accused of misrepresenting data from market analysts IDC at its ReMIX conference. Microsoft claimed that IDC had predicted sales of its Windows Phone 7 would reach 30 million by 2011.

Apple is to offer financial incentives to Foxconn factory workers following the suicides of 10 employees. This will involve workers getting 1-2 per cent of the profit made by Apple on its products.

Anti-Facebook campaigners have claimed that more than 30,000 people have quit the social networking site as a part of the 31 May 'Quit Facebook Day'.