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Ofcom Piracy Measures Slammed by ISPs and Online Campaigners

A draft proposal by UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has been strongly criticised by many internet service providers, as well as by the Open Rights Group.

The proposal aims to curb illegal file sharing within the UK.

According to the proposal, any user caught illegally sharing copyrighted content will be given three warnings to stop. If after the three warnings the user continues to share files illegally, the ISP provider will have to provide confidential details about the user to Ofcom so that it can take legal action.

The Open Rights Group (ORG) has dismissed the proposal as absurd. It also pointed out the proposal's many loopholes regarding the identification of any violators.

Jim Killock,the ORG's executive director said: “There are huge unanswered questions, not least whether innocent people will have to pay to appeal. Government needs to draw a clear line between the notifications and potential disconnection regimes.”

UK ISPs have also spoken out against the proposal, as they are hesitant to provide confidential details about their customers.