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OMG... our web sites are rubbish!

Hungary's newly-installed Government has added a new home page to all of its official web sites calling them unworthy.

Hungary's center-right Fidesz party formed a new government Saturday and party leader Viktor Orban was sworn in as prime minister.

The universal message begins with a very non-governmental "OMG" (Oh my God, for those of you over the age of 17) and continues thus:

The new Government of Hungary wants to put the governmental websites in order as well. We consider the present situation to be unworthy of Hungary: the websites of the ministries lack any kind of uniform structure and design, most of them are technically out-of-date and incoherent.

We have been informed that, at the moment of hand-over, 443 domain names are registered to the government, but only 125 of these have some kind of content. We are going to check every single website. We will decide if they need to be kept, and if they should be operated in the present form or need restructuring.

Obviously it will be an enormous task.

But we have started.

Whoever wrote the message has a point.