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Opera Launches Fastest Browser Ever

Opera Software has launched the alpha version of what it claims is the fastest web browser on the planet, with enhanced functionality and user interface.

The latest version, 10.60a, comes with an updated interface - the highly criticized 'O button' has been replaced with a more visible Menu tab, the speed dial option is also integrated very smoothly and the internal features have also been upgraded to Visual tabs.

The improved Opera browser for Linux, Windows and Mac users, will include add-on features like private browsing, the ability to 'skin' the browser for use with the Gnome interface under Unix, and the removal of Quicktime dependency.

Bugs that hindered earlier versions of Opera, are also said to have been fixed.

Benchmark tool The Peacemaker has confirmed Opera 10.60a to be the fastest browser around, ahead of second fastest Google Chrome 6.0.408.1.

The full version will be released simultaneously for Mac, Windows and Linux users.