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Spaces Are Final Frontier For Funny URL Book

A recently released book highlights the weirdest and funniest URLs in the history of the web.

'Slurls: They Called Their Website What?', written by Andy Geldman, details 150 URLs that were the product of two particularly normal words coming together to form something immensely funny and insulting at the same time, reports UK newspaper The Telegraph.

One such example of a web site name gone bad is that of Big Al's bowling alley in Vancouver.

The bowling joint's official website is named 'I love Big Al's', which when viewed without any space in between the words, can also be read as 'I love bi gals'.

Another example is that of travel company Choose Spain, which unwittingly named its website after the company's name, and can be misread 'Chooses Pain'.

Andy Geldman told the Telegraph: “In a world without spaces we mentally insert out own. And you might not stick yours where I stick mine.”