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Twitter Accused of Censorhip over Gaza Protest Hashtag

Despite receiving worldwide coverage, the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, carrying food and medicine to the Gaza strip, seemingly failed to grab the attention of Twitter users.

The #flotilla hashtag abruptly disappeared for a brief period of time from Twitter's trend list, giving rise to rumors about censorship issues on Twitter.

Several theories about the possible disappearance of the hashtag have emerged, including one suggestion that the term 'flotilla' was misinterpreted as the name of an Indie music band, and so not relevant enough to feature in the trend list.

It was also said that due to technical glitches the word 'flotilla' was put in the junk list by the anti-spam filters deployed by Twitter.

By the time the news broke to Twitter users, many had already started tweeting using other hashtags such as #Gaza.

A Twitter spokesperson responding to a blogger's query regarding the issue said that the disappearance of the hashtag was because of “a technical issue that caused search errors for a short period of time this morning.”