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UK Amongst Most Expensive Places To Buy An Apple iPad Says Survey

A survey carried out by the share trading division of an Australian bank (ed : where's the link with the iPad?) found out that the iPad is most expensive in UK and European countries.

Speaking to Reuters, the chief economist at the CommSec share trading division of Australia's Commonwealth Bank, Craig James, said that customers in UK, Germany, France and Italy are likely to pay up to 25 per cent more for their iPad compare to their US counterpart.

The organisation applied its CommSec's index, one which is comparable to the Big Mac (or Coke) index and compared the price of the Apple device in 10 different countries.

But the index, we found was fatally flawed because the US prices did not include any taxes while the ones across Europe (and at for the UK) did. Local US sales taxes do vary from zero in Alaska, to around 11 per cent in California as we found out here.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, has always defended the premium his company's products outside the UK, saying that customers should instead blame their own governments. The actual difference we found out could be as little as $40.