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Basefarm Switches To Red Hat Linux for Web-Based Services

Basefarm, one of the leading providers of web-based services in Northern Europe, has shifted its working platform from CentOS software to Red Hat's Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat (RHT), the maker of Linux-based software, signed a deal with Norway-based Basefarm on Tuesday, worth an undisclosed sum.

Basefarm Chief Technical Officer, Bjart Kvarme, said: "We are standardising the Linux part of our platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and are migrating all installations based on other Linux distributions, including CentOS, to the reliable Red Hat platform."

By switching to Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system, Basefarm believes it will develop stronger relations with its clients and provide its customers with increased reliability and performance.

Basefarm is a supplier of internet-based operational services to nearly 130 businesses in more than 15 European countries, and has recently been certified as a Red Hat Managed Services Partner.

Red Hat is an S&P 500 company with offices in 65 cities world wide. It employs 2,800 people.