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EVGA to re-launch Step Up in Europe

Loyal Nvidia partner EVGA has announced that it plans to re-launch its Step Up program in Europe, which will enable owners of some of its cards and motherboards to get a free upgrade in the future.

The company first expanded its Step Up programme into Europe a few years ago, but all the good recent deals have only been available for US customers.

For example, a quick look at EVGA's Step Up page (opens in new tab) shows that European punters can only upgrade their graphics cards to a paltry GeForce GTX 250 or 9500 GT, while US customers can already upgrade to GeForce GTX 470 and 480 cards.

However, EVGA's CEO Andrew Han has just announced that the European Step Up scheme is about to get a new lease of life as a part of a plan to boost EVGA's business in Europe.

"We really believe in the strength of the EVGA brand," said Han, "and we believe that over the coming months, more and more customers will see the advantages and benefits of our products and services here in Europe, starting with the June re-launch of the EVGA Europe Step Up program."

The scheme offers owners of certain products a one-off opportunity to snag a free upgrade. EVGA specifies the upgrade path, and you have to pay any postage costs, as well as the difference in price between your original invoice and the cost of the new card. For more information, it's worth having a read through the FAQ (opens in new tab).

The news follows recent rumours on US tech site [H]ardOCP (opens in new tab), which stated that EVGA was closing its European operations, and that co-founder Hans-Wolfram Tismer had been laid off. EVGA's Joe Darwin confirmed that Tismer was no longer working for the company, but claimed that "EVGA is not closing its European operations." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.