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Firefox BP oil spill plugin creates news blackout

Want to make your own personal protest about BP's oil spill in the Mexican Gulf – to yourself?

That's the thinking behind one web developer's (seemingly pointless) protest against the oil giant, after an explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig caused an oil spill that the American government yesterday dubbed the biggest environmental disaster in US history.

The Black Oil Firefox plugin searches out and replaces a list of keywords relating to the oil spill – BP, British Petroleum, Gulf oil spill, Deepwater Horizon and others - and replaces them with an unsightly virtual splodge of oil.

And aside from making your screen look like a toddler has set about it with a pot of poster paint, it does... well, nothing.

Version 2 promises to turn photographs tagged with 'BP' black and white, and add a trickle of on-screen oil pouring from them.

We found it nigh-on impossible to visit web sites containing more serious information on the oil spill, with our self-censored screen looking more like a redacted House of Commons expenses form. So we won't be using that again.

Want some more serious information on the Gulf oil spill? Visit the official Greenpeace web site instead.