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iPhone 4G Parts Turn Up In Portugal

Portuguese tech site iPhone Portugal has released two videos showing the aluminium chassis of something that looks like Apple's next-generation smarthphone.

The site makes no claim that the parts are real, or that they had been acquired by any means that might bring the corporate might of Apple down upon the site, saying: "These parts were purchased in China by one of our readers (weren't stolen or found) then delivered to us. We will not reveal the price."

They do, however, emphasise that the parts are faultless and identical, suggesting that if they are fakes, then they must be very good fakes.

Even so, this kind of quality is not beyond the manufacturers of Chinese clones - and with no certain way of judging if the parts are real or not, any claim made based on them is pure speculation.

The videos have been released a few days before Steve Jobs is expected to reveal the iPhone 4G to the expectant public.