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Malware Warning on Samsung Wave Smartphone

The newly launched Samsung Wave smartphone has been shipped with a microSD card infected with malware.

Technology blog Mobile Burn (opens in new tab) reported that the memory card that comes pre-installed on the phone contai a virus named 'slmvsrv.exe' and has advised users against plugging the phone into their PCs.

According to the blog, the virus is based on a Windows application called Win32/Heu, and will be installed on a PC as soon as the phone is connected to a Windows-based system.

Users are advised to plug the phone into a Macintosh or Linux-based computer and delete the file manually from the microSD card. Users are then advised to reformat the memory card.

The discovery of the malware has blighted the launch of Samsung's new smartphone, which runs on its own newly developed Bada OS.

The company has failed to give any insight as why the error has occurred, nor it has issued any advice to customers as to how to deal with the virus.