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Mozilla Launches Firefox Sync Add-On

Mozilla's Weave Sync add-on has graduated from the experimental stage, and has been re-branded Firefox Sync.

The add-on is designed to synchronise Firefox content and preferences between desktop and mobile devices.

Currently Firefox Sync 1.3 is available as an add-on for current versions of Firefox. The company hopes to bundle it as standard with future versions of the Firefox web browser.

Mozilla says that Firefox Sync will allow users to better bridge the gap between their desktop and mobile versions of the browser.

Firefox Sync 1.3 has been a long-term Mozilla Labs project, and the company believes that as well as improving synchronisation, the add-on will improve the browser's security.

Mozilla has faced increased competition from Google's Chrome web browser, which is now encroaching upon Firefox's share of the web browser market.

Because of the competition, Mozilla is trying to consolidate its position by making it easier for users to use Firefox on both mobile and desktop platforms. The company hopes the release of Firefox Sync 1.3 will do just that.